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How Your Personality Style Affects Your Sales

The question is not always how we communicate but are we communicating effectively? WE know that the best way to communicate is by using the same language. Everyone has a unique personality, complete with characteristics and preferences. It’s with these preferences, that we “hear” others. WE need to be able to effectively communicate with customers […]

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A Sales Tip from the Water Cooler – VIDEO

  How important are those conversations that take place by the water cooler? Sometimes just observing whose taking part in the conversation can tell you a lot about their personality. For example, an Inspiring, outgoing type will probably be the ringleader. The Dominant style will stride by (usually in a hurry) and will not take […]

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How the DISC Personality Test Improves Sales Teams – VIDEO

There’s one thing that remains constant: CHANGE. Every day, in every organization, people change, their needs change, and the dynamics of selling needs to change along with it. So, how do you adapt your selling style to these ever-changing needs? The DISC Model helps you identify your own personality characteristics and preferences. You can leverage […]

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Selling Strategies That Work for Every Sales Team

As sales professionals, it’s always a good idea to take a moment and reflect on what sales strategies were successful, and which ones – not so much. Let’s talk about your selling message. We have all learned that lesson in countless sales training over the years: KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. Not only is the message important, […]

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