Did You Know The Average Person Speaks 16,000 Words Per Day?!
But, Are You Communicating EFFECTIVELY?

“How You Communicate Has A DIRECT Impact On Your Performance”

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In the “COMMUNICATION GUIDE” I will show you how to quickly identify your unique communication style, tips on identifying others’ styles, and provide REAL examples of how to effectively communicate by leveraging this insight. The RESULT:


Manage More Effectively & Efficiently


Build Stronger Relationships


Increased Productivity


Less Turnover


Reduce Conflict


Strengthen Your Sales Skills


Increase Profitability

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What People Are Saying

“Kathy did an excellent job working with our staff to help us better understand and communicate with one another. Her wit and humor made the process fun and entertaining, all the while, her extensive knowledge made it engaging and informative. I would highly recommend Kathy to anyone who wants to learn more about their staff or themselves. 10 out of 10!”



“If work conflict is draining you, your team or your company, Kathy is the Fix you need! She has an amazing ability to quickly identify personalities and understand how to leverage those personalities and individual communication styles to reduce conflict. The result is happier, more productive and successful employees and business owners.”


Social Strategist

“I hired KMM Consulting to help me understand the complexities of employing different personality types. Kathy provided the assessments, analysis and coaching to ensure we were all positively communicating. After this work I was able to more effectively work with my staff.”

Dr. Jennifer Gardella

Professor, Social Strategy

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Kathy Marcino

KMM Consulting

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Understand Personalities / Maximize Performance

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