One-On-One Coaching

“I see people through the lens of potential”
one-on-one training session

One-on-One Coaching

There are many definitions of the word Coach; in fact, probably too many. I was never on the soccer or basketball team, but I managed a dynamic sales team that required direction, feedback, advice (even when they didn’t ask!), and constant support. That’s what coaching means to me.

Someone to believe in you, listen, provide feedback, and help YOU become the very best version of yourself. What if you were able to uncover some natural traits you didn’t know you had? What about uncovering one or two blind spots that may be holding you back from success?

What you can expect from working with me:

  • Provide clarification and help you choose goals that are realistic and attainable
  • Create a strategy for growth in your area of business
  • Improve communication
  • Identify strengths and blind spots
  • Increase productivity
  • Listen, without passing judgement

“Kathy has everything needed to be a facilitator, teacher and team builder for any organization with a shared purpose. Her emotional intelligence, life experience, wit, and capacity for profound listening, enable her to bring both openness and closure to any group conflict resolution goal setting, or exploration of growth and development.
She simply shines.” – Dr. Edward Wilson

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