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In high school, I loved French class. So much so, that I wanted to be a French interpreter for the U.S. State Department. Really? Me? I researched the best schools, and majored in International Relations. Well…let’s just say I didn’t have the heart for politics. So I switched to Marketing. I loved everything about the sales process: from brand creation and product positioning to customer selling. During a visit to Career Counseling my senior year, I saw an index card for “Sales Support Specialist,” and my career was born.

I spent 18 years in pharmaceutical sales, successfully handling business development, and creating and motivating sales teams that exceeded sales goals year after year. I realized I had a gift. I knew when to stop selling and start listening.

For me, sales success comes down to self-awareness and effective communication. I also credit that success with the ability to communicate and see the potential in others. I saw sales people succeed. I also saw plenty who made mistakes. It was then that I realized that the sales people who could best adapt to the dynamics of the situation were the ones who were most successful. So I honed my observation skills, as a sales manager and as a salesperson, to become more effective in any situation. I didn’t have a magic bullet to assess my customers’ communication preferences, but I learned that awareness and adaptation were essential to achieving results.

I made it to Paris!

Ready To Get The Most Out Of Your Selling Time?

I first learned about the DISC Behavioral Model as a sales representative, and it immediately changed my view of selling. The idea that you could not only learn to recognize your own communication styles, but ADAPT your presentation accordingly resonated strongly with me. I threw away my “Features & Benefits” deck, and my sales skyrocketed!

Now, I’m certified in facilitating the DISC Behavioral Model, a proven, cost-effective tool used widely throughout the business community. Through DISC, individuals develop awareness of their own, as well as their colleagues’, behavioral preferences, to gain higher performance and a deeper level of communication.

DISC Pie chart diagram

Photo: Personality Insights, Inc.

Today, I coach individuals and teams to uncover their natural talents – and become top performers

Have your team experience increased morale, productivity and success. Here’s what they will gain from my training:

  • Insights into their strengths, motivators and behaviors
  • Knowledge of how different personality styles influence perspectives
  • Identifying their leadership style
  • Recognizing blind spots and areas for development
  • Communicate & connect more!

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Kathy has been the Featured Speaker for: ChemPharma Group, DVFlora, Opportunities2Serve, The Foundry, Women’s Business Forum, Women of Willow Grove, Balanced Life, WFYL Radio, Dr. Larry Stone, CC Pines Group – Australia, The Center for Elite Women Communicators, and Polka Dot Powerhouse.

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