Yes! Well, they are killing mine.

I don’t know about you, but I have NEVER been this exhausted at the end of a day than I have been these last few months. I have used ZOOM in the past, as I work with clients all over the world, but never to this extent, every day, hours on end. It’s ALL ZOOM – ALL THE TIME.

So, working from home definitely has it’s perks: we get to spend more time with family, eat snacks, and wear more comfortable clothes (at the same time!) On the flip side, I don’t think we are working smarter, we’re working harder. I KNOW my own productivity has taken a dive.

For example, at the end of the day, I really don’t remember what I set out to accomplish. The list I created the night before of everything I wanted to do fell by the wayside, and now I’m too tired to work on it. The result? This list gets moved to the next day, along with the new one. Groundhog Day anyone?

What can do YOU do to get out of the cycle?

  •  You HAVE to schedule time to physically move around. Tip: Make sure your camera is off..well, just in case 🙂
  •  If you’re a Manager and knowing that your team is on marathon daily calls, chances are they’re not getting anything done, so you might need to lower your expectations.
  •  Just like working-out, our brain needs a rest and recovery day from ZOOM. Make it a phone call, and/or be prepared to maximize the time allotted.

As we ALL know, this mode of communication is not going away anytime soon, so we need to identify what works and what doesn’t. If you see Monday’s list still on Thursday, it’s time to turn off the camera.



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