Blaming, it’s an easy common trap we all fall into. We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

Too often, we don’t want to admit our mistakes for fear of looking weak or maybe not the right person for the job. Or we’re so afraid of being criticized and failing that maintaining a positive image becomes the priority.

Ready to prevent this pattern of behavior?

~ Take a much-needed breath. Blaming is often an impulse behavior.
~ Instead of focusing on who made the mistake, focus on finding a solution.
~ Clearly define AND communicate roles and responsibilities. (In other words, who is responsible for what?)
~ Ask and receive feedback in a non-confrontational way. (Try to take the emotions out of it).
~ Identify why you feel the need to blame. (Embarrassment, guilt?)

Blaming is not always negative. Although it shouldn’t be your first line of defense, when handled carefully, it can help you better understand your actions and prevent repeating the same behavior in the future.

Leave the games to the kiddos.

~ Kathy

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