You know that book, “If you give a mouse a cookie”? Well, the premise is that once you give him a cookie, he’ll ask for milk. Then a straw, a napkin, and so on. You get the idea. That’s what happened when I made the decision to shoot a 2-minute-long video on communication strategies for sales teams I ended up 5 months later with a new website.

I’d like to say, it was a piece of cake (or a cookie), but nothing could be farther from the truth. I like to blog. For the last 3 years, I’ve shared my knowledge and experiences in a way that highlights the benefits of effective communication, teamwork and effective selling. Sounds like a good strategy, right?

Not so much anymore. Blame it on the Smartphone, but if you’re not in front of the camera as part of your overall marketing strategy, chances are no one will know you, or where to find you. Did I mention that I HATE to have my picture taken, and now you want me to SPEAK in front of a cameras?

So, I bit the bullet, and hired an incredible videographer, Rick Toone. I now appreciate the power of the green screen even more. I worked on a script, tried to memorize the key points (no teleprompters allowed), took a deep breath and went for it. It was easier than I thought. When I posted these videos on my social media sites, I got a lot of great feedback. They were knowledgeable, easy to understand, and fun!

Next step – load them on website. Wonk wonk wonk. There’s not enough space. Didn’t realize my 3-year-old website was such a fossil!

Deep breathing exercises. My first thought was that I didn’t have the time or the energy to take this on. I was in the middle of designing my on-line course (wait till you see that!), and I had clients who needed my attention. But I as went through each page, I realized just how much my business had CHANGED over the last 3 years. Sure, I was still coaching clients, and teaching teams how to work more effectively together, but it was time for a refresh.

Yep, it takes a village. The web designer, copywriter, photographer, videographer, and social media strategist and a squirrel (that was me suffering from shiny object syndrome) put our heads together and strategized not only about my programs, but more about me. This was one area on my old site that I kind of ignored. What I realize now, is that the About Me page is one of the most visited pages on your website. Makes sense – you’re hiring me after all.

I also wanted to include more actionable information from real life scenarios with my clients. Each of my programs is customized to meet their specific need, but I created categories based on the bulk of my work. Creating Effective Work Teams, Improving Sales Effectiveness, Identifying the impact that personality styles and tendencies have on your communication & decision-making styles.

What’s cool about this, is the ability to go straight to that info that answers your questions. No one has time to scroll through every page all the time. Especially on your phone. I also wanted to highlight that in addition to group trainings, I offer one-on-one coaching across all aspects of your business. Whether you’re in a career transition or wanting to develop your leadership skills for a management position.

I can’t lie. Even with this amazing team, this was not an easy project. Especially for a high “I” like myself. But it was worth it. My old site didn’t reflect who I was and what I was focusing on in my business. I am constantly teaching my clients the importance self-awareness. Recognizing your strengths is one thing – but recognizing your blind-spots is even more empowering. Take a minute and evaluate what’s working and what’s not – and why. Sometimes you have to “get out of your own way” to finally move forward.

I look forward to working with all of you!


The Dream Team:

Lydia Grossov, Expresso Design

Jen Phillips April, Write Words Marketing

Rick Toone, Shoot Better Video

Marissa Polselli, Word Tree

Robyn Graham, Robyn Graham Photography

Steph Sides, Social Chicy

This site was carefully crafted by Expresso Design LLC

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