Picture this:

The elevator door is just about to close and someone is frantically running for it. There are 4 people inside:

Bob is in a real hurry and doesn’t want to wait. He sighs audibly and looks at his watch for effect.

Ted sticks his hand out to stop the closing door, and says “You made it!”

Carol smiles, and takes a step back to allow more room for the newcomer.

Alice glances at the operating certificate on the wall and calculates whether this elevator will hold another person.


What just happened here?


While not entirely scientific, their behavior is very telling. Their reaction was based on their personality style. Let’s take a look:

Bob is a D, Dominant Styles: His mindset is “let’s go now!” and is always focused on getting there fast.

Ted is an I, or Inspiring Style: He gets his energy by interacting with people.

Carol is a S, Supportive Style: She will always stay calm, and will go with the flow.

Alice is a C, Cautious Style: She moves through life one calculated step at a time.


So why am I telling you this story?  To demonstrate how four people responded in four very different ways to the same event!  Now, I’d like you to think of Bob, Ted, Carol and Alice the next time you’re creating a sales pitch. Or giving a presentation. How will they react to your same message?

Some food for thought…..

Understand personalities/Maximize Performance.

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