How’s Your Season Going?

We are in the midst of the beginning of the most stressful part of the season.  (Hey, I’m talking playoff football, not the holidays!)  Have you stopped to look at your business and as how your team is fairing?  Are you making a “playoff” run or are you already thinking of improvements for next season?

If you are not happy with your team’s record this season, you are not alone!

For sales professionals, this time of year can be one filled with popping corks, or exploding brains. The numbers are in whether we like them or not. NOW is a great time to take a moment and reflect on what sales strategies were successful, and which ones – not so much. Is it a closing problem, or one with your positioning?

Let’s start with your selling message.

We have all learned that lesson in countless sales training over the years: KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. Not only is the message important, but how you deliver that message to your customers is vital to your sales success. My point? Your style of selling needs to be compatible with their style of buying. We all have a certain way we like to be communicated with, and we all have a pace with which we like to make decisions. Once you know and understand your customer’s expectations of you as the salesperson, you can customize your message to match their buying style.

Should You Blitz?

A sales blitz sounds great on paper, but it’s not effective without a plan. You can’t just throw out a bunch of proposals and hope one or two of them stick. Effective salespeople know how to establish a good rapport with their clients and prospects. It’s called relationship selling. More often than not we tend to connect, and ultimately grow to trust, people who are similar to us. It all starts with the connection. It could be during a phone call, a network event or a meeting at your favorite coffee haunt.

In the video below, you’ll hear 4 strategies that are sure to convert. For example, if a customer is only concerned with price, then don’t bother emphasizing the bells and whistles of your product or service. They will tune you out. Now’s the time to focus on the value. What happens to their bottom line if they DON’T go with your option? Or, what about the time they may wasting by sticking with the status-quo? Those strategic questions will get their attention!

Take a listen and try adding these strategies to your 2018 game plan. I promise understanding communication and buying styles will improve your record for the new season.

Happy New Year! Wishing your team a Championship Season in ’18!

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