We are entering the fourth quarter of 2018, you are the sales manager, the quarterback – there are three months left in the year.  Just like in the 4th quarter of the big football game you are in charge of leading your team to victory.  When the clock runs out, for you, on December 31st, we can make sure you have lead your sales team to victory.

So, what can you do to ensure the win of sales success for 2018?

Review what is working and what is not working for your sales team:
Is your sales team meeting their minimum daily call numbers?  Are they prospecting correctly?  I can help you to ask the right questions and then make quick adjustments to the team effort.

Better train your sales team on product knowledge:
Sometimes, sales people get bogged down in company priorities, goals, or just getting a small win.  In-depth product knowledge of your entire line will enable them to more effectively meet customer demands.  Most importantly, they can up-sell and offer solutions to your customers’ top problems if they have easy access to details.

Make Changes:
Working with me, we can ensure that the changes that need to be made are for the benefit of your players and your bottom line.  Your team needs to feel supported and also motivated to know that they can achieve.  Do you have your analytics expert meeting with clients?  They may be better for tracking and preparing strategies.  Then, your big personalities who are bogged down with numbers can be put in front of clients.  Assess your players. Are they in still in the right position to make the number? It may be time to send in special teams.

The next 90 days are critical but can be filled with success.  I can support you as you stand by your sales team to help fill appointment calendars while navigating the holiday season. If you’re a sales manager, you need a game plan. It’s a great time to review what’s worked and what hasn’t over the last 9 months. You may be seeing a gap in your teams’s knowledge of your products and services and players may be out of position.

Let’s talk to get you back on track.  You can start by booking a call with me so we can pre-game with a self-assessment and gap analysis of the team and finish the year with .WIN

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