With the new football season upon us, it’s important to emphasize the importance of teamwork. Good communication is key, and can be simple to predict when you understand the connection between personality type and behavior. You will always find players who are good leaders, and those who will choose to follow. The goal becomes embracing these differences to build a cohesive team.  The coach needs to understand the strengths of each player and maximize them. Once he or she understands what motivates them, they can create their optimal strategy for team success.

This same strategy holds true for managers.  Everyone has a unique personality style. It becomes easy to predict patterns when you know your team’s styles, preferences and behaviors. How managers respond to their team members varies in accordance with their personality styles.  By leveraging the strengths of the individual, along with their own, overall team performance is stronger. Whether it’s assessing a new candidate for a position, building a team to support a project, or setting a sales goal.

It really can be this simple. Companies around the world are use DISC profiles to improve communication and morale, and build the most cohesive and successful team possible. The stronger the relationships are across the team, the more motivated they are.  By having this knowledge, sales managers are seeing stress levels decrease and productivity levels increase.


Visit www.kmmdisc.com and learn how to identify these styles and leverage the strengths of each member. Think of it as part of the pre-game process.

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