Well, you need a plan – and fast.

There are many businesses with productive teams that have been working remotely, and successfully, for some time. But what if this is a brand-new concept for you and your employees? Obviously, this pandemic will impact the dynamics of your team. How will they communicate, work in the home, navigate new structures and new anxieties, and maintain productivity? As Leaders, how do you help them to not only survive, but THRIVE?

I hate to give you something else to worry about, but I have to. Successful leaders and managers have a good understanding how individuals on their team “operate.” In other words, they know exactly who embraces change and those who hide from it. For example, if an employee is fueled by interacting with their team members, their morale and productivity will quickly decline.

People behave differently under stress, and right or wrong, each employee has their own unique way of dealing with challenges.

Before you can respond to those challenges, you have to start by understanding their behaviors and natural inclinations. And it starts with Self-Leadership. What’s your leadership style? How do you in isolation? Managing a group on the same floor or in the same building is a whole different animal. How you communicate needs to align with their communication preferences. How can you continue to manage effectively and minimize this disruption, particularly when so many are concerned about their health and well-being?

You CAN simplify the chaos with a plan that is easily to implement.

  1. Conduct assessments for your employees (easily & online)
  2. Understand natural behaviors and tendencies so you know where you are vulnerable
  3. Identify which individuals are best and worst suited to work remotely
  4. Develop daily action steps for yourself and team leads
  5. Anticipate your next moves
  6. Support online for online


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