Ever ask yourself, “Why did I do that?”  Or, “What was I thinking?”

Perspective is intrinsic. It is built into who they are. You may have heard it referred to as temperament, tendency or style. Research has shown that differences in behavior follow a pattern, and these patterns stem from how we are motivated.  Understanding these differences is the first step in self-discovery. Why does this matter?

Being able to identify your strengths can be very empowering. Recognizing your blind spots and areas for development is even more empowering. Let’s start with some simple observations:

  • Some people are more outgoing. They’ve got one speed and it’s fast. Others have tendency to be more reserved. They move at a slower pace with a little more caution.
  • Some people are more task-oriented. They’re all about the goal, and want to get things done. Others are more focused on the people. They’re more interested in who’s going to be working with them on the project along with their feelings about it.

There are no right or wrong behavioral tendencies – just different.  What’s valuable is your awareness and your ability to adapt and respond to others. Everyone has a mix of these 4 styles depending on the situation, and you may find that 1 or 2 just come more naturally.

Let’s review: we have 4 behavioral temperaments, or styles, and they are characterized in four ways:

Dominant Style “D” – Task-oriented and outgoing, focused on the challenge of getting things done.

Influencing Style “I” – People-oriented and outgoing, loves interacting with people.

Supportive “S” – People-oriented and reserved, always focusing on helping others.

Cautious “C” – Task-oriented and reserved, seeking quality answers and value.

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So why is self-awareness important? Because the key to any healthy relationships, in your personal or business life, is to understand YOU first. And recognizing your strengths and talents allows you to better communicate and relate to others. Imagine being able to leverage your traits with others across all aspects of your life!

Imagine the possibilities, but do more! Apply this to the challenges you face everyday.

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About the author

Kathy Marcino has helped numerous sales teams increase their productivity through improved communication and teamwork. With 18 successful years of pharmaceutical sales, management and marketing experience, and work as a personal trainer, she offers a uniquely intuitive perspective supporting businesses of all sizes.

Kathy is certified in facilitating the DISC® Behavioral Model, a proven, cost-effective tool used widely throughout the business community nationwide. Through DISC, individuals develop awareness of their own, as well as their colleagues’ behavioral preferences, to gain higher performance and a deeper level of communication.

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