Reading the room is “reading the situation.” You’ve heard me talk (a lot) about the importance of self-awareness. Let’s recap with a few questions:

📌 How do you see yourself:

  • Look inward – How do you interact, react and adapt in situations? Flight or Fight?(or Freeze?)
  • What triggers a particular response? Was it a word, someone’s tone of voice, all CAPS in a text? (that one really gets to me.)
  • Always want to be the center of attention?
  • How adept are you at recognizing non-verbal cues (body language, facial expressions.

📌 How do others see you?

  • Ask for feedback. You may be surprised what you hear.
  • Are you approachable or more aloof?
  • Tolerant or impatient?

” Don’t adapt to the energy in the room. Influence the energy in the room.”

Sometimes, we’re unaware of our impact compared to what we intend, and that’s when problems start. Assumptions get made, and perceptions are formed.

So, how self-aware are you? MORE importantly, would your team agree?

Ready to close the gap of how people perceive you and how you want to be perceived? Schedule a call.

~ Kathy


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