We all strive to work in a harmonious environment. But – that’s not reality. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Conflict can arise between employees, employees and managers, employees and customers. The result? A decrease in productivity; an increase in stress; a potentially hostile environment and a loss in sales.

Don’t get me wrong. Conflict between people is normal. Healthy even. We all desire to connect with someone – we strive to build genuine and trusting relationships. However, it must start with good communication. Each of us has our own personality style and way of communicating.  Often, we make assumptions of how the other person is thinking and/or how they will react to a given situation. For example, more reserved and task oriented individuals may be perceived as unapproachable or disengaged; but really, they just need more time to process information when making decisions.

Good news! There are predictable patterns in how people behave and make decisions.  Once you recognize these patterns, you can connect and adapt to others more effectively. You will also be able to predict potential conflicts, and adapt strategies for resolving them. The GOAL? A better, more effective working relationship.

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