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Our environment mixed with our own personality style can create some REAL challenges. Especially now. I’ve found that one of the main areas where the conflict begins is managing expectations.

Think about this for yourself:

  • I tend to have (fill in blank) expectations of myself.
  • I tend to have (fill in blank) expectations of others.
Do they match?

For example, if you set a deadline for someone, and they didn’t meet it, you’re going to be frustrated. You may find them unreliable or lazy. Working remotely can also affect deadlines. But….did you tell this person about your expectations? Did they share theirs with you?

The Result? Conflict

This can be tricky because people react differently to conflict, and their reactions are based on THEIR experiences, not yours. It’s a lot easier to blame the other person, then realize we are doing something similar.

Here’s a tip: To REDUCE conflict when communicating with others, you need to communicate in their style, not yours. The more you understand how YOU navigate change and conflict, the easier it is to understand and adapt your behavior.

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