You’ve got the goods, you’ve got the pitch, you even bought one for yourself. But why are your customers walking away, or “thinking about it?”

So, you’re a D – Dominant personality style. You want to close this deal – like yesterday. Also, you love the challenge of blowing away your quota for the month. You’re making the hard sell. However, your customer, is an I-Inspiring type. They need a committee to make a decision. They’re all about having fun in the process. When selling to an I type, certain words can make a huge difference. Here’s a few examples:


Words to persuade buyer                                                  Words to discourage buyer

Fun, popular, new, entertaining                                              Plan, repetitive, long-term, rigid

See the difference? As a D-type, you need to pace your sales pitch to their style. I-types also can lose focus quickly; you may need to steer them back to the business at hand.

The key to making the sale is to remember that YOUR style does not connect with everyone. Knowing how to identify the different indicators of each style will help you connect and more accurately relate to your customers.

You’ve got your sale.

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