It’s not always “All for one and one for all.” Your go-to sales pitch may win for some, and strike out for others (I realize baseball is over, but it works here…) There are certain words that can persuade or discourage a customer in seconds. Each of us has our own personality type and set of motivators, and we all make decisions differently.

Take the I Style, the Inspiring Personality Type. They’re the ones reading all the reviews. They CAN’T resist a testimonial from someone they admire. Emphasize how good they’ll look by making this decision!  You need to show them that you care about their feelings.

The Inspiring Style’s priority is people. They need to feel good about you AND your product before they decide to buy.

So what words or phrases are truly taboo when trying to close this sale?

  • Plan
  • Long-term (they really hate that one)
  • Agenda
  • Alone
  • Timetable

Any of these in your sales pitch?  DELETE.  They want immediate gratification. No details – please. Otherwise, they’ll move on. Being alone? Kiss of death. They want you to like them. Break out your old “Relationship Selling” book.

Contact me to learn more about what to say to persuade all personality types and increase those sales. No more missed opportunities.

Kathy Marcino

Understand Personalities/Maximize Performance

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