You know how Hershey Park is the “sweetest place on earth?” Well, the S, or the Supportive Personality types are the sweetest people on earth. These folks are concerned about building relationships. They are fiercely loyal.  They define the phrase “team player.”

Sounds like an easy sell, right? Not really. You’ve heard me say, certain words can make a difference when delivering your message.

The Supportive Style’s priority is predictabilityThey need to know that your product has the same benefits of similar products. They want to feel comfortable with their decision.

So what words are taboo?

  • CHANGE (really don’t like that one!)
  • Risk
  • Challenge
  • Hurry
  • Fluctuate

Emphasize the comfort and convenience of doing business with you AND your company. And most importantly, give them time to process the information you’ve given them.

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