How many times have you heard, “Is this your best price?” or “I need to process this, let me get back to you.”

Well, believe it or not, it might not be a blow-off. The Cautious Style, or ‘C’ tends to process information a little longer. They often want to take the time to validate your information with a 3rd party. Let them do the research. Encourage it. You may also want to have some references handy. Better yet? Have the results or impact that your product/service will provide.

Their priority for buying is Procedure. They will expect your products and services to be of good value and high quality.

Why is this important? Knowing your customer’s preferred buying style will make you more effective. When you are in a selling situation with a C personality, certain words can make or break the sale. Here are 5 words that you should delete from your sales pitch:

  • Spontaneous
  • Quick
  • Casual
  • Unorganized
  • Carefree

Be specific with your value proposition. They rely on logic when making a decision. Be prepared to know the facts. Just the facts.

Schedule a free call with me today to learn what to say to all personality styles. No more missed opportunities.

Kathy Marcino

Understand Personalities. Maximize Performance.


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