It’s all fun and games until someone takes a hit to the face. And I’m not talking about the football game. I’m talking about the Thanksgiving dinner. Add a pandemic, and all bets are off.

Ah, Thanksgiving – the day when we’re supposed to feel grateful for life’s many blessings. Sounds great in theory, right? Well, bringing the entire family together can be a recipe for disaster, unless you already know what to expect.

You’ve heard me say many times before that we all have our own unique personality styles and preferences for communicating. Well, the same holds true for how we handle conflict. Here are a few tips according to your style to keep the family in check, and enjoy each other:

Need to be in charge? You guessed it – they are in charge of the whole menu. Stay out of their way, or just smile and nod when given your assignment. If this is you, it’s okay to lower your shoulders, actually listen to the stories being shared, and let everyone chip in. Ask them their opinion on the dish. Better yet, ask them what they are thankful for.

People pleaser? You’ve emailed, DM’d, and texted everyone about the big day. You’ve tried to re-create a Food Network–inspired dip and changed your outfit twice. Try not to completely monopolize the conversation, and focus. To not completely implode, put the phone away and enjoy this precious time.

Craving calm? You may miss them completely, as they’re busy taking coats, delivering drinks, and running out for more ice. If this is you, sit down. Even if you hide in the bathroom – take a few minutes to breathe and then show everyone where the bar is.

Overly Cautious? Let’s just say, that you’ve toiled over the spreadsheet for weeks, you even created a pool for the football games. So, what if Aunt Bethany brings a Jell-O mold with cat food (name the movie?), and the turkey thermometer is off a few degrees? Take a look around, and really connect with those around you. It’s too early for the Grinch.

What about Conflict in the workplace? 

**You’ve heard me say that we all react AND respond to conflict in different ways. Here is where “Coaching through Conflict” comes in. I’ve designed this program for business professionals like you, who need a little extra help in navigating team dynamics and how to respond in the most productive way.

If this sounds like you and your team, schedule a quick call, and let’s work together to create more effective workplace relationships.

Wait there’s more!  Think all Conflict is negative? NOPE – see why HERE

Coaching through Conflict
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