Yep, they sure can!

~ Logical/Analytical: can be viewed as critical, rigid.
~ Direct and decisive: can be viewed as abrasive, domineering.
~ Spontaneous: can be viewed as impulsive, lack of focus.
~ Diplomatic: Can be viewed as timid, indecisive.

On his “WorkLife with Adam Grant” Podcast with Michael Hartle, Adam discusses the risks of overusing our strengths, using them unintelligently, or applying them in the wrong situations. You can listen to the full podcast here.

We need to find a balance between being productive and less reactive. The first step is identifying your blind spots, those behaviors that may not be as obvious to you but can be seen a mile away by others.

Where to start?

~ Self-reflection: What’s really getting your way? Recognize any patterns?
~ Ask for feedback: What am I doing right? What should I work on? (You should also include family/friends)
~ Training and development. What and where do you need to improve?

By being more self-aware (I know, I say it every week), it’s easier to strike that balance of leveraging your strengths and preventing them from going to extremes. And as we all know, you can’t get stronger without working on your weakest muscles.

~ Kathy

P.S. if you would like to learn how to identify those pesky blind spots that are holding you back, book a call and let’s uncover them together.


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