Let’s be honest, there’s always A LOT of chatter about investing in professional development, but never enough action. It’s time to change that.

No sense in reiterating all the changes, obstacles, and pressures that affected business owners and their employees the last 10 months, because most are still experiencing them. However, one question that I continue to ask my management clients, “What have you learned about your employees during this time?” “What changes have you seen, and what was the impact?”

As you plan for 2021, based on your company’s previous year’s performance, what skill sets are needed now that may not have been a requirement, or on the radar at all? As a manager this year, you’ve worked hard to keep your team connected and motivated. While some of your employees embraced their new environment and thrived under stress, others may have withdrawn and left. 

Now is the time to reassess. Are you utilizing their natural talents in the right role? Understanding what motivates an employee is a good first step. What are their strengths? Blind spots? Goals? Remember the 70-20-10 rule?

Having this knowledge is KEY for personal and professional growth. You have an opportunity to create improvements in just not the productivity of your team, but your entire organization.

Give the gift that keeps on giving all year long. Not the “Jelly of the Month Club” – the gift of Professional Development.

** So, here’s MY gift to you. One of the biggest challenges this year with my clients has been how to communicate with a remote team without causing conflict. Guess what? Not all conflict is negative. Check out my short (7 minutes!) Webinar, “De-Bunking 3 Myths of Conflict Resolution.”

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Coaching through Conflict
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