Do you ever have trouble communicating? (You can’t tell, but I’m raising my hand). Well, you’re not alone.

You may have crafted the best message, or deigned the perfect program or even developed an award winning marketing strategy. If your customers aren’t “hearing” you, what’s the point? (Wonk, wonk, wonk)You’ve heard me say over and over that people “hear” based on his or her personality style. What one customer may hear, another‘s response could be completely different.

A lack of understanding of ourselves and others can lead to some real problems such as tension, unmet expectations (been there!) and poor communication.  So what? You’ve got the right message, email list, and Facebook ad.  Something will stick, right? What about all those missed opportunities and sales? The ones that saw your ad, but felt like you were a little condescending? Or too abrupt? Or really wouldn’t understand their needs.

Ah, now we’re getting somewhere.  It may just involve a small tweak to that message, a voice inflection or a slower pace —–to let them you understand them.

DISC personality profiles provide the KEY how people are motivated to listen and to buy. This tool will help you develop those messages that really resonate with your customer.

Contact me today and I will help you Understand Personalities and Maximize your Performance.

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