We’ve all felt it. That looming deadline, that spinning, out of control feeling. Not coolright?

Well, I’ve already mentioned the four DISC personality types, the motivators and the strengths of each style.  What about when things start to get out of control? How do each of these personality types react under pressure?

D – Dominant Style:  This is their greatest fear! They exist just to be in control. They want the task done and quickly. Under pressure they can become very impatient, loud, sarcastic, and just start making changes without thinking them through. Remember D’s don’t take no for an answer. They’ll just ask again in a different way.

I – Inspiring Style: Well, they already have problems focusing, so this can turn into complete chaos! They are so optimistic, that they will become even more so, and possibly over-promising what can’t be delivered. We learn in Sales 101 to ALWAYS under promise and over deliver! Under pressure, I’s are going to try even harder to be liked; joking, diverting attention and becoming unpredictable.

S – Supportive Style: Pressure is the kiss of death for these folks. Status quo and stability are their go to happy places. They are so threatened by change that, feeling out of control will likely cause them to shut down emotionally and withdrawal.

C – Cautious Style: Their fear of failing and not being accurate is huge. The sense of being under pressure will cause them to go into over-drive; more detail oriented than usual and even less focused on people and their emotions than ever before. They’ll tend to overthink, criticize, and even start passing judgment on others.


Alrighty then, so now what? Well, as we continue to grow together and learn about each other’s behavioral patterns and styles, we will continue to adapt and respond to each other in ways that are non-judgemental and empowering. The goal: to build the best relationship possible.

If you would like any more information on each of the styles, please leave me a comment!

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