So, when I hear the phrase “spring cleaning”, I cringe. It’s not that I love to co-habitate with dust bunnies, the thought of it just overwhelms me. Does that mean I haven’t cleaned since winter? And yes, “Winter is Coming” (season 8 finally!)

Marie Kondo, a tidying-up ninja and author, has taken the world by storm with books and series on Netflix, where she shares her process of organizing by asking yourself if these objects “Bring You Joy”. In other words, discard those things that no longer serve you. And, well, it got me thinking.

What have I accomplished (or not) since January, that hasn’t sparked revenue? We all start the New Year with reckless abandon, right? New projects, new diet (I may be the only person that GAINED weight trying Keto), and new goals. When I think about the time I spent on time-sucking tasks, where was the ROI? What did I learn?

April marks the beginning of the Second Quarter for most businesses. It’s a great time to stop and evaluate what worked, and even more importantly, what didn’t in Q1. Maybe the prospects in your pipeline were not as close in the purchasing cycle as you thought. Or maybe the goals you set for yourself were not realistic or attainable to begin with. The purpose of this reflection is to try and identify the cause and prevent the situation from rolling over into the next quarter and beyond.

In a Leadership role? Consider taking the time to evaluate your team’s progress. Do you have the right people in the right roles? Are they performing at the highest level? Even a high-performer can have a bad quarter. Check out Tony Robbins’ ideas to spring clean your business.  

So maybe this “spring cleaning” concept IS effective. Let go of what didn’t serve you in the past and embrace what will spark revenue (or Joy) going forward.


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