You may have crafted the best message, or designed the perfect program or even developed an award-winning marketing strategy. So why aren’t your customers lining up around the block? They should be blowing up your phone, right? Yet, they’re not engaged. If your customers aren’t “hearing” you, what’s the point? You’ve heard me say over and over that people “hear” based on his or her personality style. What one customer may hear, another’s response could be completely different.

So, what? A lack of understanding of ourselves and others can lead to some real problems such as tension, unmet expectations, and poor communication.  You’ve got the right message, email list, and Facebook ad. Something’s got to stick, right? What about all those missed opportunities and sales? Those potential clients that saw your ad, but felt like you were a little condescending? Or too abrupt? Or just really wouldn’t understand their needs.

We know that certain words can make or break a sale in seconds. It may just involve a small tweak to that message, a voice inflection or a slower pace  – to let them know you understand them.

Here’s an example:

Dominant Style:

  • Speech is loud and fast, and their focus is results and power
  • They want something unique – not like everyone else

Inspiring Style:

  • Speech is deafening, fast, and animated
  • They care about what others think
  • Often don’t listen very well

Supportive Style:

  • Speech is slower and softer in tones and pace
  • Concerned with others think
  • Attentive listeners – looking for stability and comfort

Cautious Style:

  • Speech is very slow and precise
  • They want to know that you are qualified to help them
  • Often hard to read

Not every customer will fall in love with you or your service at first sight. They’re not going to like what you like, or treat you the way you want them to, but having the knowledge of what their needs and expectations really are?

Well, that is a match made in heaven.


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