Have you ever said the exact same thing to 2 different people and got 2 different answers? Ever wonder, “Why did she say that?” or “Why did he react that way?”  They’re not trying to make you mad (well?…), they just “heard” you differently. We know the best way for us to communicate is by using the same “language.” Well, as I’ve stated before, everyone has a unique personality, complete with characteristics, preferences, and expectations. It’s according to these preferences and desires that we tend to “hear” others.

What about your customers? What are they hearing? Are they hearing how your product or service will change their lives FOREVER? Is this is the BEST value for the price?  Or do you sound like the teacher in Charlie Brown? When a sale doesn’t happen right away (or at all), don’t jump to the conclusion that the customer was a bad lead. It may not be their fault.  You may have the BEST solution for them. However, when it comes to making a purchase, their personality traits start to shine – or retreat.

In order to more accurately relate to your customers and clients, you need to understand their buying method, or style. For example, some customers decide very quickly and choose a practical solution or even an emotional one. Others decide very slowly, preferring hours of research and demanding high quality.  Keep in mind that body language and speech patterns also play an important role in the customer’s buying decision, even when it’s a digital sale.

The KEY to making the sale is to match your selling points and presentation pace with their personality and decision style.  Each customer has his/her own needs, expectations and appreciation for what they’re ultimately buying.


Kathy Marcino believes in the power of awareness to create individual and team success, and building a better team through enhanced communication. With 18 successful years of pharmaceutical sales, management and marketing experience, and work as a personal trainer, she offers a uniquely intuitive perspective supporting small to mid-size businesses.

Kathy is certified in facilitating the DISC® Behavioral Model, a proven, cost-effective tool used widely throughout the business community nationwide. Through DISC, individuals develop awareness of their own, as well as their colleagues’ behavioral preferences, to gain higher performance and a deeper level of communication.

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