Re-entry can be tricky.

Not sure about you, but when I hear the word “re-entry”, I immediately picture a space shuttle hurling towards the earth’s atmosphere at warp-speed with intense heat. I can’t even wrap my head around the logistics required to pull this off safely and smoothly. What I do know, is the success of this return landing is largely dependent on Mission Control, monumental technology, and a talented crew. 

Lucky for us, we are re-entering the workforce on solid ground. However, that does not lessen the level of complexity, fear, and anxiety that employers and their employees are facing. We are all asking ourselves questions such as:

  • Is it too soon?”
  • “Am I safe”?”
  • “Will my team be engaged, let alone productive?”
  • “Are my employees in the right role right now?”

Like the space shuttle mission (on a WAY smaller scale), leaders are in the Mission Control room creating plans to ensure a safe and productive return for their employees. In addition to adhering to safety guidelines and government mandates, what checks are in place for the right crew? As a manager over the last few months, you have worked hard to keep your team connected and motivated. While some of your employees embraced their new environment and thrived under stress, others may have withdrawn and left. 

No doubt about it – your employee’s priorities shifted during this time. Maybe they now prefer the perks of working remotely and spending more time with family. What if being away confirmed what they were thinking all along: “I don’t want to go back to a job I don’t like.” According to the latest PwC Workplace Pulse Survey, leader’s messages and actions need to be more customized to overcome individual challenges. At a time when employees are looking for leadership in a stable culture that fosters personal and professional growth, what do you do?

Now is the time to reassess. You have an opportunity to create improvements in the productivity of your crew. Are you utilizing their natural talents in the right role? Understanding what motivates an employee is a good first step. What are their strengths? Blind spots? Identify skill gaps and make the necessary investment that fuels growth. Leveraging these talents for your existing crew and new employees will guarantee a smooth and successful re-entry.

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Kathy Marcino

“Coaching through Conflict”

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