“A personality clash occurs when two (or more) people find themselves in conflict not over a particular issue or incident, but due to a fundamental incompatibility in their personalities, their approaches to things, or their style of life.”
In a word – Dysfunction. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
These clashes are nothing new. We’ve seen that some employees are impossible to work with and others, a delight. There will always be the “driver’ wanting to get things done yesterday, passive-aggressive behavior, and without much regard for other’s opinions. Anyone sound familiar? We all have different personality styles, complete with our own set of motivators, behaviors, and preferences. In other words, we all operate in a different way.

The good news? This diversity of styles can create a successful workplace. For example, bringing different perspectives, ideas and opinions together can foster innovation and growth. THIS is where collaboration and creativity happen (you may even learn something about yourself😊)

The bad news? Not sharing ideas, making assumptions, gossiping, and finger-pointing? Conflict.

Managing conflict is an ESSENTIAL leadership skill and burying your head in the sand is only delaying the inevitable. Everyone has a different leadership style, and how you respond to conflict has a huge impact on the outcome. You need to be aware of your style, and how to adapt to your team’s personalities.

Tip: Use an assessment to identify employee behaviors. Why?

Employee Benefits:

  • Insight into their own strengths, motivators, and behaviors.
  • Realizing different perspectives by noticing verbal and non-verbal clues.
  • Recognizing patterns of behavior and how different styles influence perspectives.
  • Identifying different dynamics among personality styles on your team.
  • Learning how to adapt their approach and response when necessary.
Leadership Benefits:
  • Uncover strengths and blind spots for each employee
  • Evaluate individual priorities and identify any gaps.
  • Create strategies for communicating effectively with team and clients.
  • Identify how each member responds to challenges and stress.
  • Understand individual work styles

Personality clashes aren’t going anyway anytime soon, but having the necessary tools WILL help further collaboration, creativity and trust for your entire team.

If you want to learn more about how I can help you navigate conflict and communication issues within your team, schedule a call today!

~ Kathy

“Let me help you stop the DRAMA in the workplace and
focus on what’s important – your BUSINESS!”

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