Ah, the dreaded sales presentation. You’ve practiced. You’re wearing your best suit. The copies are collated. You even brought in lunch. What’s the #1 rule when preparing a presentation?  Wait for it……KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE!

Okay, got it. But how well do you know them? Chances are if you’re presenting to a group of salespeople, you have a room full of  I personality styles. They’re enthusiastic and excited to be there. They are with other people! Giving a talk to the IT department? Well, you’ve got C styles, and they’re proud of it.

First things first, you need to form a connection with the group. The goal is to teach them something, or you want them to buy what you’re selling.  With any presentation, you need to speak the same “language” of each of these personality styles. Let’s take the C – Cautious type. What do they want to see and hear:

  • Facts and data (and for the love of God, make sure everything is spelled correctly)
  • Research statistics
  • Quotes from experts(think expert witness in a trial)
  • Have the answers
  • Use words like “value” and “guarantee”

Now, what if you are a C style and you’re the presenter? Well, now. You better find some clip art to keep us interested. C types are known to have many facts and numbers and often too early in the presentation. They are detail oriented and of course, the presentation will flow logically. However, the goal is that connection with the audience. They need to work on their tonal inflections. A C style is often very monotone. Audiences tend to tune out presentations that are dull or lecture oriented.AA

This is not an article on giving sales presentations. There are many resources already on this topic. What I want to emphasize, is that the message you are delivering can be “heard” in different ways depending on the personality style, regardless of the product or service you are providing. By having the knowledge of your audience’s style, you are well positioned to get the results you want.


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