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No two people think the same way or make the same types of decisions. Being able to recognize and respond to the motivators and behavioral patterns of your customers will give you an advantage by helping you to anticipate potential conflicts or stumbling blocks.

Dr. William Marston wrote “The Emotions of Normal People” in 1928 after earning his doctorate from Harvard University. Marston theorized that people are motivated by four intrinsic drives that direct behavioral patterns. He used four descriptive characteristics for behavioral tendencies which are represented by four letters of the alphabet: D, I, S and C. Thus the concept of “DISC” was introduced. The DISC assessment identifies your four main personality styles and characteristics that help you understand yourself and others more effectively.

 Once you have completed the survey, we use the results to develop your individual sales talent based on your strengths and natural selling style.  We also help you use these talents to recognize how best to deliver the right message to customers in a way that resonates with the customer.  And I know this works because I was a top performing sales executive and was successful by incorporating what I learned from doing the DISC assessment myself!

So why is this important? You know that guy or gal who is a really great and successful salesperson? Someone who regularly closes the BIG deals? The DISC profile uncovers that natural sales talent, so you can develop the skills to become a top performer.


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Everyone has a unique personality style


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