Increase your productivity

Increase Your (or your Team’s) Productivity!


Self-Discovery: Understand yourself by

  • Gaining insights into your strengths
  • Identifying  your  leadership style
  • Recognizing blind spots and areas for development
  • Understanding your motivators and behaviors







Team Discovery: Understand others by

  • Realizing different perspectives by noticing verbal and non-verbal clues
  • Recognizing patterns of behavior especially of those with opposite personality styles
  • Identifying different dynamics among personality styles
  • Learning how to adjust when necessary







Adapt to create better relationships by

  • Learning how and when to adapt for better communication
  • Managing conflict resolution and supporting growth in relationships
  • Increasing effective interaction by eliminating confusion







Understanding team dynamics by

  • Recognizing the structure of basic roles and responsibilities
  • Understanding the personality of the team and predicting outcomes
  • Working more effectively as a team to minimize conflict
  • Enhancing relationships through mutual respect






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Kathy offers tailored sessions – whether it is a Lunch and Learn, half-day, or 1 hour call. Typical sessions include:

  • An introduction to the DISC Model
  • Administration of the DISC personality assessment tool
  • Scoring and interpretation of results
  • Consulting with individuals and teams on DISC applications

Many workplace challenges exist in businesses of all sizes. From hiring, training, selling, morale, leadership, team productivity, and more, DISC delivers an invaluable understanding that can be applied to meet those challenges head on, with success. Let us help you and your team today!


“The DISC training and personality assessment exercises provided by Kathy Marcino were both fun and enlightening. I can’t believe how accurate this tool is and look forward to incorporating the information into our workplace. This training should be mandatory for all small offices and especially for new hires! Thanks Kathy”