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What does “working at your own pace” really mean?

Your first memory of this phrase may be during a final exam, or perhaps in an art class. It’s one of those off-handed, but timeless sayings that can evoke a […]

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What does riding an elevator say about your personality?

Picture this: The elevator door is just about to close and someone is frantically running for it. There are 4 people inside: Bob is in a real hurry and doesn’t […]

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How DISC Improves Team Communication (Video)

 How do you handle communication? Interview by Jen Phillips April Jen Philips April: Hello. This is Jen Phillips April with Right Words Marketing. Today I’m with Kathy Marcino of DISC […]

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Want better results and more success in everything you do?

What if you were able to uncover some natural selling traits you didn’t know you had? What about uncovering one or two blind spots, that may be holding you back […]

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Know your Audience

Please enjoy our guest Blogger, Kelly Stewart, an On-Demand Marketing Director from Attractivate. Kelly shares the importance of developing your personas and crafting the perfect marketing message that resonates with […]

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A Balanced Life Podcast with Laura Templeton

  Take a listen to our podcast where we discussed how knowing your personality style affects your relationships, both in and out of the workplace.  

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What To Do When Madness Enters The Office

March Madness usually means one thing: Basketball. However, madness can hit anytime of the year – especially in the office. We all know how important good team communication is. We […]

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(Video) Using DISC Assessments to advance your business – with Sara Oblak Speicher

    Last week I had the opportunity to speak with Sara Oblak Speicher. She is a mentor, strategist and business model expert. “I am not only passionate but also […]

20 Jan 2017 2 Comments

4 Customer Buying Behaviors Salespeople Need To Know NOW!

Before you start any new sales year, it’s always a good idea to take some time and reflect on what sales strategies were successful, and which ones – not so […]

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How to discover your personality strengths

Ever ask yourself, “Why did I do that?”  Or, “What was I thinking?” Perspective is intrinsic. It is built into who they are. You may have heard it referred to […]