Many workplace challenges exist in businesses of all sizes. From hiring, training, selling, morale, leadershipteam productivity, and more, DISC delivers an invaluable understanding that can be applied to meet those challenges head on, with success. Ask yourself these questions... 
  • Am I in the right role to be successful?
  • How can I get my employees to listen better?
  • Why isn’t my customer returning my calls?
  • Why can’t my team be more like me?
  • When did this tension start?
For all these questions and more DISC is an effective tool that is easily incorporated into your business structure to allow optimum performance and success. Let us help you and your team today!

Understand Personalities / Maximize Results.

No two people think the same way or make the same types of decisions. Being able to recognize and respond to the motivators and behavioral patterns of the individuals on your team will give you an advantage by helping you to anticipate potential conflicts or stumbling blocks. Kathy can add value to your team by teaching the proven concepts of the DISC Model. Call Kathy and learn how to boost your productivity and communicate more effectively with your colleagues.

Dr. William Marston wrote “The Emotions of Normal People” in 1928 after earning his doctorate from Harvard University. Marston theorized that people are motivated by four intrinsic drives that direct behavioral patterns. He used four descriptive characteristics for behavioral tendencies which are represented by four letters of the alphabet: D, I, S and C. Thus the concept of “DISC” was introduced. The DISC assessment identifies your four main personality styles and characteristics that help you understand yourself and others more effectively. DISC is a practical tool widely used to improve communication, productivity and teamwork.

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Kathy Marcino believes in the power of awareness to create individual and team success, and building a better team through enhanced communication. With 18 successful years of pharmaceutical sales, management and marketing experience, and work as a personal trainer, she offers a uniquely intuitive perspective supporting small to mid-size businesses.

Kathy is certified in facilitating the DISC® Behavioral Model, a proven, cost-effective tool used widely throughout the business community nationwide. Through DISC, individuals develop awareness of their own, as well as their colleagues’ behavioral preferences to gain higher performance and a deeper level of communication.

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The Basic Mission













DISC Training helps create success with these basic principles. During the Workshop, Kathy will facilitate an understanding of the DISC assessment model with the goal of maximizing inter-personal communication in any setting.